Our Process

In many ways, every new project is like starting a puzzle. To make a successful site there are a lot of things to consider and many pieces that need to fit together.  This all needs to be done in a way that not only meets the company’s objectives but also meets all the customers needs. We believe in starting not with what we do know, but what we don’t know.We don’t believe in starting with pre conceived ideas about what needs to be done. We try to look at everything through a child’s eye.We do all this because we think that every site is unique, and assuming what works for someone else will work for you, is often a mistake.It’s for these reasons that the first thing we do is stop and take the time to listen to everyone’s needs.

Understanding you

We understand that not all businesses are the same, you wouldn’t dream of marketing a high end sports car the same way as you would household products. For this reason we start by asking you all about your company. By understanding your product, brand positioning, objectives and your ambitions, we can better understand the keys to success for your business. We can then create a tailored approach, designed to push your company forward and achieve your goals.

Understanding your customers

As not all businesses are the same, this is also true of your customers -no two are entirely alike.By focusing on your target market and researching a group within this area, we can start to pinpoint the common factors between your users and make your website more usable and appealing for your key demographics.With the data we gather from this, we use our experience to help guide and advise you in this process, while always remembering to let the facts speak for themselves. We do this because we believe every project should be started afresh. Planning based on the facts and not based on preconceived ideas are key, not only to make sure your site is unique but also to help make that vital connection with your customers.

Bringing You Together

We believe that when you take the time to listen to your customers’ needs, you are actually helping them hear what you have to say.All land based businesses already know that great customer service is vital and to do it right, the first and foremost thing you need to do, is listen to your customers. If you don’t listen then how are you supposed to know what they really want? When you get this right, then you start to develop a real relationship with your customers. You are able to show that you care about their needs and are always trying to go that step further in trying to please them. This should also be true online but a lot of the time it isn’t  It’s an easy mistake to make, especially as you don’t get the same kind of opportunities to talk to your customers and address any issues or problems they have. The customer also can’t ask you for help, or really complain either, so all they end up doing is leaving your site and giving their business to your rivals. We can bridge this gap for you and open up that vital line of communication. We’ll find out not only what your customers think and feel about your site but also how they use it. Armed with this knowledge, you can really start providing the customer service they demand as well as start that two way relationship you need.

How We Do It

There is no one size fits all formula. We discuss your goals with you first, then we individually create our tests based on your needs, to find out exactly what your customers really want. This research and our analysis of it, is then combined to the design and strategy, to give you the best site possible.By understanding your goals understanding your customers needs and using the results of our research to lead the design process, we can create a site that not only meets the needs of your customers, but exceeds them. How do we find out what your customers really want? Of course we have our tried and tested techniques, to find out a lot of the facts that are at the core of understanding your customers, but if we need to think outside the box to get the answers you need, then that’s what we’ll do.

A/B Testing

A/B testing is a way to see how a single change will affect a web page, with the goal of understanding which variant will give the best return. These tests are conducted using a control variant which remains the same throughout. Alternative versions are compared against this and a statistical analysis can then be made of which segments of your market prefer which versions.

Card Sorting

Card sorting is a technique used to examine the information architecture of a site. Each element of your site is put onto a separate card and the participants are asked to group them in a manner that makes sense to them.This gives a valuable insight into what items your customers expect to see together and how to best design the site, so that navigation through it is made easier and less frustrating.  Proper planning and streamlining often leads to higher conversion rates and sales.

Eye Tracking

We use eye tracking technology to see in real time exactly how your customers are really interacting with your site. Using this equipment we identify many critical pieces of information, including :

What part of a page is seen first

What areas on the pages are not being seen ( Blind Spots )

What routes they are using to navigate the site

How long it takes them to execute each action

By studying the results returned from this and combining it with questions designed to segment your market , we can gain truly invaluable insights into the way different groups interact with a site and then advise you on adjustments to give the end user, a much more easy and satisfying experience.


We use online and offline surveys to reach out to a wider range of your customers.The advantage of this is that it allows us to reach much larger groups, as well as giving us a much more accurate overall understanding of your customers’ thoughts. This also provides a deeper view of how your customers demographic is split, allowing you to provide for the needs of each section of your customer base.

Focus Groups

In a Focus group, the participants are asked to give their thoughts, feelings, and opinions on a subject.
Discussion on the subject between the participants is usually encouraged.
This allows for a more in depth understanding of how people are relating to the issue, including not just their initial reactions but their thoughts and opinions after a period of discussion. It also allows you to get a glimpse of the thought process that people go through when forming opinions on your site and product.

Wire Framing

A wire frame is like a blueprint for a web page or digital product. It focuses on the layout and functionality of a page rather than the aesthetic look of the page and therefore serves two objectives.  Firstly this is a very cost effective way to examine the core layout  and test a site without having to fully build and keep changing a site. Secondly it removes most of the design element so you can focus directly on the functionality. That’s not to say that design isn’t important, it is of course.  By separating the two you can gain twice the impact. Once you know the layout has been optimized for your customers’ needs, you can then sculpt the design to elicit the emotional responses you want.


Design can also touch a person at that emotional human level and that’s why we believe it’s important to know how it makes your customers feel.  You need to know if design choices are making your product look unappealing. By testing this before you go live, you can show your product in the best possible light and this combined with a layout planned with your customers’ needs at the core, is a winning mixture.